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Went ahead and bit the bullet and replaced the oil separator. Boy, what a task that was. I couldn't find any great documentation about the procedure (I'm sure someone will link to what I looked for now that I've finished it ) so it was a lot of trying to figure out what comes off next and trying things. The oil drain hose that goes back to the dipstick filler hose was soft and pliable. I grabbed it and was able to pinch it off with my fingers. I've never seen rubber turn into whatever that had turned into.

Toughest part of the job was trying to figure out what was stopping the manifold from coming off. Turns out it was a large nut (17 or 19mm) holding a bracket to the block under the throttle body. Once I figured that out, it came off easy. I went ahead and took off the fuel rail. Just seemed easier than trying to fight the connections in the back.

If I had to do it over, it would go pretty fast now, but it was a long day. Probably had about 6 hours in it total. I could probably do it in half that if I had to do it again.

It needed to be done for certain. Time will tell if it fixed the issue.

One odd thing I noted. I took off the plastic pan under the front because nothing irritates me more than dropping things and having them go into never never land on the plastic pan. When I did that, I noticed a lot of oil residue all over the roll bar looking part of the frame, right at the front of where the metal pan is bolted. When I looked up at the engine and all around that area, it was all really clean. Not one sign of oil or a leak anywhere on the front, but that bar wasl covered in built-up oil residue. I didn't quite understand what was going on there, but I was happy to see that I couldn't see any signs of any oil leaks on the front of the engine or once the manifold was off, on the driver's side of the engine. It was all actually pretty darn clean.

I'll report back once I get some miles on it to see if it resolved the issue of my disappearing oil.
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