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I took out the CD player yesterday to check the bowden cable action. nothing is detached or broken behind the center vent and I can feel the cable moving through it's housing. I could NOT figure out how to get that center vent out despite everyone's attestation that it's simple. I think it probably is but I was unable to find a single youtube vid for the e53. A few were for the e39 but even those were incomplete, and would skip the part where the vent was actually removed.

i'm gonna have to take out the glove box to inspect the other end of the bowden cable because apparently it can malfunction on that end occasionally and get detached or bound up or something. I read a couple of threads about that mixer flap getting stuck in a car that had been bought from smokers. one is here:

I dropped the car off to my kid again yesterday and since I'd rather do a one handed CCV replacement than remove the glove box, I told her she'd have to wait until the weather got better for me to tackle that issue. if there are no electronic servo parts to this and this is purely mechanical, there's got to be a fairly simple fix, glove box removal notwithstanding.

When I picked up my other Xer from her yesterday, it was immediately obvious to me how the mixing flap is malfunctioning. the flap is extremely useful in my car. I find myself messing with it all the time. For the 8 years I drove her car, I think that flap has been broken the entire time. I have always wondered why it apparently did nothing. Moreover, I think however it's stuck, it reduces the volume of air coming from the vents as well. my newer Xer blows air at a velocity probably 30% greater.

Interestingly, this kinda goes against my parenting nature to make SURE every single thing on that car is working properly. I thoroughly believe that every teenager's first car should provide them opportunities to deal with mechanical problems as well as something to use as leverage with their own kids, lol! "Well, MY first car barely had HEAT and we had to keep blankets in the car!" That said, the selective BMW OCD in me has a hard time leaving it.

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