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Woops! I did 04 again...

The real miracle here is that I am *not* going to be in the 3xE53 owners club. That insanity is for Crowz.

We sold the '01 3.0 today. We've owned it 18 years since we drove it home from the lot. 117k miles later, she still could pull her own.

This was her last bath at home. The new owner has her at the new home.
I don't think i've seen E53 cupholders this clean!

And the thing we loved most about this E53 Unicorn. SPP, CWP. but no Premium package meant no dual zone climate. Perfect for the little old lady who would drive it.

But Alas, Yet another late night search has my idle hands allowing the devil a turn at the see-saw. And then, like always, I was overtaken by the story. I was sucked in.... I sent... an email. And so it was just a few days after we'd arrived at a price that I sent my deposit.

Just as any of you would expect of me, we'll make a road trip out of our return from Philadelphia. We stop in Richmond for college tours at U of Richmond and up the road at UVA. Then it's on to Duke before we rendezvous with my wife in Charlotte. The next stop is WAY obvious- Back home to the birthplace! The 4th homecoming in the 3rd E53. It's becoming a tradition! Once we're a family again, we'll clear out visits to Clemson and UGA.

But WHY?! You ask! WHY sell a perfectly perfect '01 with so few miles? I'll tell ya why: Motor mounts and oil pan gasket. I'm kidding. A little. The REAL reason I sold was that whole blackout devils playground thing I was talking ab earlier.

So here she is... An intro to the THIRD 2004 E53 we'll care for:

2004 4.4 Alpine White on Black Leather. That *looks* like smoke grey trim.
SPP, PP, CWP, Rear Climate, Load Floor. 2 axle air suspension. OE tow hitch. 22 year old Navigation technology.
And the best one from this 12/2003 production: NO PANORAMIC ROOF!
Oh yeah: A full size spare in these early ones, too.
The Early production V8's SPPs didn't have offset wheels. Kind of a bummer, but I need another set of E53 wheels like I need a set of E39 wheels. So, needless to say, I have a set waiting.

I'll let the pics answer the burning questions:


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