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Thank you for the additional thoughts!

I did not see any spikes when doing the steering calibration, but I can check again. I'm guessing if it did spike it would do it when just reading the values and I wouldn't necessarily have to go through the entire calibration procedure again.

Purplefade, I'm open to any suggestions, so feel free to think out loud. It could be the front diff also I'm sure. I don't know how to rule that out though.

An interesting symptom happened today though. With DSC off, going around a left hand corner, a truck that I was following stopped to turn left in the middle of the corner. I applied the brakes and I could feel what is similar to the ABS kicking in through the pedal. The pedal got softer. Keep in mind, this was not an emergency stop, it was a slow, gradual slowdown.

I drove the road several times again to see if it was consistent and reproducible and it was. And just like when the DSC is on, it only occurred on sharper left hand turns.

Since the weather is starting to warm up slightly, I might do a brake fluid flush and possible ABS system flush if I can find out how to do that. If there is still an issue, I might have to see my local European car mechanic. I'm in a somewhat rural area so there's not a ton of European shops around here.

I did buy a spare used yaw sensor for cheap, but I have no idea where the yaw sensor is located on this car. Does anyone know?
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