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tractor, get both front tires up off the ground and turn them by hand, make sure they rotate smoothly enough and that you donít feel any ďgrindingĒ or significant resistance on one side or the other.

If thatís all good you can have someone hold the right side tire while you try to turn the left side tire feeling for any play or slippage in that sides drivetrain.

With everything that you have already tried Iím wondering if there might be play in that side of the drive line either in the gear box itself or the cv shaft.

Another thing you can check - totally grasping here - but make sure the tires are the same pressure. With the left being the outside tire as youíre turning if itís (significantly) lower than the inside tire the wheel speed sensor may read a quick change in tire speed as the weight of the truck compresses it going in to the corner and engage the DSC thinking that tire is slipping.

Let me know how that goes, Iíd be happy to keep thinking if you need a hand.

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