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Unfortunately you do not have Navigation with the small screen. You'd either have to upgrade to a CCC with Navigation or CIC or even NBT. Price wise, CCC is the cheapest, but here in the US (I see you're in Australia) they aren't updating the map disks any longer and I am not sure if they are there or not. CIC is next in price while NBT is the highest in cost. You can still get maps for CIC and NBT without issue and you're correct, anything you decide to do will require more parts, i.e. screen, controller, cabling etc...

My '08 has CCC and I have purchased an NBT kit to install, just haven't yet. The CCC works but has the least amount of options and is pretty slow. Plus no map updates doesn't help either. My '13 has the CIC that all I've had to do was update/upgrade my Combox for 4g vs. the 2g connection.

So the choice is up to you. I am one who likes the onboard nav over using my phone too!
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