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Ok we have an update, Day 10 and itís out!!

I went to our hardware store Bunnings (like Home Depot) to see if they had any tools like the ones that were suggested and they looked at me crazy, I then showed some pics and they were like wow we have never seen that before.

So I then went back home and persisted with the tool I had slowly slowly till I could turn it by hand and finally it dropped out.

You can pull the compressor out with the lower radiator hose still attached, you just have to be careful and protect the radiator fins.

Now Iím not looking forward to putting it back in, I think Iíll just put in the two bolts in the front and see how I go, if it moves Iíll re-assess the third bolt.

Thank you to Andrew and everyone who contributed to this saga, I hope this thread helps some other poor soul who finds themselves in such a situation.

As BMW donít document this install well, this step by step guide should help others know what to do and what you donít need to do.

Below is a pic of the tight quarters the AC compressor sits in and all the things in the way.
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