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Aaarrgghh just when I thought smooth seas ahead the nightmare continues, got compressor into place & tried to do the bolts up and the X5 says no the sleeves are now stripped despite being lined up and lube placed on the bolts.

I donít know who the sadist was who designed & decided on the location of the compressor and having these bolt sleeves, was hoping to have it on the road again today but the sleeves have put a stop to that.

Absolutely everything is calculated to make your life a complete nightmare when fixing the car, it mainly stems around accessibility & special tools & having to remove unnecessary parts to gain some access.

Does anyone know the part number of the sleeves? Itís the two front ones that the compressor bolts too at the front of the engine N62

Iím tipping dealer wonít have in stock either.

Do not attempt this Job at home, itís better for your sanity to be bent over at the stealership for this Job.

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