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I don't recommend preemptive replacement. A scanner will show the RPM of each corner and can help you find a single bad sensor.

If you have multiple bad sensors it's more likely the module at fault. There is a design flaw in the board to connector wiring that causes common failure.

You said "the foxwell is useless" not an accurate statement, it's actually quite helpful, it's saying no errors in any of the systems it monitors. (And that's a lot of them).

The word brake in red is the key. It's none of normal ABS bugs.

With the 510 you can watch a lot of things real-time like the current brake lines pressure and the wheel speeds etc.

The only things I remember off hand that make brake light red are the hand brake and the fluid level.

Pulling the hand brake when driving will light the light but will not defeat abs nor set trifecta.

The confusing part is: why getting abs weirdness ? Once deactivated, abs should not do anything, just like fuses pulled. All the weirdness should be BEFORE trifecta.

When I had a loose wheel sensor, I would get abs activation the last 5-8 ft of stopping every time for about 8 strips then orange trifecta and the car would brake fine after that.

The one time I did get RED trifecta, my fluid was low. (Actually that must have happened twice; I blew a hole in a rear brake line once also).

The most common cause of trifecta is probably a bad alternator, so make sure that's running properly.

Back to 510: browse the abs module directly, they don't trip SES and will likely not be included in the full automatic scan.
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