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Originally Posted by ard View Post
Hmm, not sure about flex. Unless bearings are bad...I should think

Make sure the mounting surfaces for that sensor are well cleaned- if there is rust/crap it could lead to a 'cocked' position, and rubbing.

+1 on that, my first thought was possible bad bearing, I also like the idea that maybe grime under the sensor is causing it to sit at a strange angle.

Another thought is do you know if that side suspension has ever had any work done to it? Maybe the bearing isn’t pressed in fully or the “speed sensor ring” is fudged some how.

Weird part is that I would think that you would feel and hear it rubbing... Maybe try setting a jack stand under the jack pad so the control arm hangs loose. Then, using a small jack, jack up the control arm at the center and rotate the hub assembly and then repeat that process on the front and back edges of the control arm - my logic is that by applying pressure center then front then back maybe you’ll get some deflection and see more of the issue.

Last thing, use some electrical tape on the end of an extension and insert it into the speed sensor hole and rotate the hub assembly feeling for any rubbing.

Don’t you love shit that just doesn’t seem to make any sense...

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