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to find the sensor live data you need to browse the chassis main group; usually have to poke through a few to figure out where; could be in a weird place like 'kick panel module' or such. I can never remember, but i'll look for you next time i'm in my car with my scanner.

You won't be able to read live data until you have the abs fuses installed i expect. You may also get abs errors which you didn't with the fuses in.

Get the car to the repair guy/place then put the fuses back in to experiment you can hopefully find a little more data.

Was the braking system open for repair and possibly not bled properly using the bleed functions of the 510? air in the abs system could certainly give you the odd symptoms you described, but not sure about the errors.

I would try to find the brake pressure realtime data as well as the wheel speed data.
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