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Car will not lock/unlock using key FOB

So, today I took my E70 X5 3.0SI to a BMW "specialist" independent workshop to chase down some VANOS codes I've been getting. The upshot of that was absolutely nothing - I have already replaced the solenoids and they want to do that again! lol

But to make matters worse, now the car will not lock or unlock using the key fob.

To be entirely accurate, the mirrors will fold, the windows and the sunroof will close and the driver's door will lock, but the passenger doors (front and back) do not lock.

And when I "unlock" the car, the mirrors will fold out and I can open all windows/sunroof if I press the button long enough, but the driver's door will not unlock. I need to use the metal key from within the remote FOB to gain access.

What is going on guys?

All help appreciated!
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