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Way to easy

Expansion Tank BMW
Includes vent screw and leveling switch
Brand: Genuine BMW - Corporate Logo ES#: 38482 Mfg#: 17137501959

Expansion Tank
Includes vent screw and leveling switch
Brand: Mahle-Behr - Corporate Logo ES#: 3023890 Mfg#: 17137501959

Stay away no - RUN from the cheap aftermarket parts. They will fail. See all the postings on Expansion tank failures from those who went before you.....

Now, regarding the leaks that you are seeing else where. The entire cooling system at 140K is on borrowed time. They have run their normal life cycle and needs a complete replacement. Either all at once or part at a time. Your car, your choice. As each part will fail one at a time in normal driving cycles, start, stop, city, Hwy.

Gather up your parts and do the job once and while your in there consider all the passageways and lines.... Just a thought and suggestion.

TIP: When you install the hoses, wipe a THIN coating of American Grease Stick SG-4 Sil-Glyde Lube Compound (4 oz Tube) on the inside hose seals. This will stop them from rolling and binding on install. Plus it keeps them flexible into the future. Works on all rubber seals like the air intake parts around the MAF sensor tube, etc.
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