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Originally Posted by Gregsgroup View Post
I looked at the motor and I got some decisions to make.

-do I put a chain on it and try to time it to do a compression check? This would delay my need to pull the heads immediately?

-just pull the motor and rebuild it from the crank bearings up? If I do this Iíll know what I have as I have other vehicles to DD.

-source a replacement 4.6is running used engine? I like this option yet pricing on these is high for the examples listed on eBay and since the are already removed, I could be exactly in the same boat I am now.

I think you should keep the current engine and rebuild it. Who knows with the way old M cars and old SUVs in general becoming collectable the 4.6is with a rebuilt original engine may be worth something someday. Plus you will know everything about the engine and what has been done. Good luck!
2002 4.6is
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