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3.0si Transmission issue

hello Everyone,

I recently picked up an X5 with bad transmission it seems. The shifter will not go out of park. If I attempt to put in drive, then the shifter will force back to park itself. It does this in all gears I put in (reverse, N, D, DS). I did have 4F84 code but thats the only code that keeps coming back after new battery installed. I do not know about any other codes.

I did replace solenoids, bridge adapter between transmission and valvebody, 4 sealing sleeves, and mechatronic sleeve. I topped off with new oil as well. This did not fix anything and was at same state it was before the repair.

I have decided to get used transmission and I know that I need to get computer recoded or transfer computer from original transmission to new transmission. From my understanding with ZF I spoke with, they usually need to transfer computer system in transmission to new transmission.

Can someone show me how to transfer computer from original transmission to new transmission? Also, where can I find this transmission computer module?
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