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X5 35d code 4670 Power Supply 1 - Short Circuit to B+

X5 35d code 4670 Power Supply 1 - Short Circuit to B+

I had this code three times so far. One was on a very cold dry day 5mins after startup, One was on a wet day 1 min after startup and today on a dry day after being fully warned up. It's odd and clears after I stop to check codes because of the limp mode that comes and goes.

The first time when it was cold it persisted longer and during that period I had other codes that came and went, for rail pressure or map sensor or fuel low pressure sensor. Those are all listed for under power supply 1 and probably a result of the 4670 code which seems to cut things to protect a short etc.

Voltage is stable throughout the issue 14.5v today for example and the battery is 2 months old agm. Never had this issue before and it being intermittent not related to rain confuses me.

I intend to check the test plan with ista/Rheingold when I am home tonight.
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