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I looked at the dde plugs to reseat them earlier and nothing. No wire damage found.

I checked with ISTA an hour after parking.
Codes still there. Dash and Idrive complaining low power- engine issue. Occasional glitching (that 4670 "retries" the connection since it knocks out sensors it "thinks" are shorted). Only other code was 493F which is for pre-supply pressure (past filter- before inj pump).

I ran the test for the pre-supply pressure and it came up fine, temp and pressure ok.
3.9 bar and around 40 C.

The diag steps for the 4670 code just lists sensors on that power supply 1 'bus'.
Sensor group 1:
-accelerator pedal module sensor
-rail pressure sensor
-charging pressure sensor (MAP)
-exhaust backpressure sensor
-fuel pressure and temperature sensor (pre-supply not the high pressure one)
-brake vacuum sensor
-throttle valve sensor

I could find all except for the vaccum sensor and the fuel pressure sensor.
Anyway, I cleared the codes (which didn't want to clear with carly an hour before when I was driving home) and it went away and ran fine. Just odd....

Edit: Found the fuel pressure sensor here- its part of this hard line:
It's behind the inj pump and stuffed in that valley next to the oil filter. I have to dig there and check connections.

WHERE is the fuel low pressure sensor????
I'd like to check that sensor but I followed the lines and don't see it anywhere on the fuel lines in/out. On the diagram for code 493F, it is after the fuel filter and before the inlet of the injection high pressure pump.

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