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Originally Posted by SlickGT1 View Post
Iím going to go with your compressor is shot. You can also reactivate the ehc2 with Inpa by clearing the errors while in that module. This will activate your switch and try to air up. I have a feeling your pressure switch in the compressor is shot or stuck.

Do you have your original compressor?

Also. Reset errors and make sure you watch the compressor. See if you have a leak somewhere by it, or in it.
I still have the old compressor and I've cleared the codes a number of times but as soon as the suspension tries to activate I can hear the top part of the compressor clicking (the video in my original post) and the it throws the same error again.

I've dropped the car off at the garage and will report back with what they say, I hope they manage to diagnose the problem, I need my car and my wife off my back!
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