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Originally Posted by Attacking Mid View Post
Anyway to test the amp and/or the "radio" units? From reading around the 'net, it sounds like both components are capable of failure, though it sounds like the radio unit is the MOST likely suspect.

There certainly are a LOT of wires that plug into the amp, and based on the latest advice here, it sounds like if I install a new Android system, it still may not work if there's a problem with my amp. Used similar amps seem to go for about $100 on ebay, so I guess there's always that.

If nobody can tell me how to test these components, I DO have a buddy who is a PhD in electrical engineering. I guess I might have to hit him up for ideas on how to test components. Hopefully I can understand him

I assume an android WILL eliminate the radio unit by the battery. Is that correct?

Yep the unit by the battery is the "radio" part of your system. FM/AM part of it.

The amp is what you have a picture of removed. The 2001 I bought had a bad amp when I bought it. I bought a used one from an junkyard online for $50 and that fixed it. There isn't a sure fire way to diagnose it I just rolled the dice. My logic was everything else worked but no sound so it probably was the amp
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