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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
A quick test of alignment: wrap a string tight around all four wheels at the same height. On the front wheels, put a 1/16" (1.6mm) shim on the widest part of the front sidewall (where the string is tight coming around from the front).

Proper alignment is with the front of the tire (at about the middle of the sidewall) 1/16" closer to the center of the car.

If you have a staggered wheel setup depending on the offsets, you might have to add spacers to the string.

If the back alignment gets to toe out it will be horrible loose feeling. It wants to be about 0.15 toe in. (1/16" over 24"). the bulge of the sidewall should be about 12" from center. You can use some shims (like dowels or drill bits) to use as spacers and add a bump at exactly 12" from center of the tire.

(Eg: tape a 1/16" drill bit vertically at 12" behind the center and 1/8" at 12" forward of center to get a precise 1/16" offset )

I want to make a kit from steel cable and springs with some spacers on the cable of different diameter to use for quick alignment checks.
Great info, thanks. I've always used a laser pointer to do this sort of thing, but I can see that the string + shims is at least different, and maybe better. I'll give it a try next time.
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