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So the saga continues, the garage diagnosed the problem as the fuse panel, they bypassed the panel and managed to raise the car so a new one was ordered from BMW for 86. I think they are talking about the blue fuse panel located in the boot floor by the rear seats but I will confirm.

Then the discovered that one airbag was losing pressure over time so to save the hassle I got them to replace that at around 480 all in. Now they are saying the car keeps losing its calibration settings and drops as a result. They mentioned something about a valve setting that needs to be set if the compressor is replaced (which I replaced earlier). They said it accepts the settings and the ride stays level but as soon as you drive away it loses the settings and drops again.

They have now tried something different and it seems to be working (will confirm what) but the tech is not 100% sure its resolved so they are going to let it sit over the weekend and see what its like on Monday.

They also said they have another X5 with the same problem so I am wondering if they are making the same mistake with the calibration on both cars?

While it was there I got them to replace the expansion tank and do a full service, bill currently stands at about 1000! When they told me about the fuse panel it was a lot cheaper to fix the suspension than I was expecting so I got them to do the other bits to save me having to do them, little did I know at the time they were going to find other issues!
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