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Originally Posted by bfeng View Post
“narrow FOV mirrors.”
Stock mirrors useless with my race trailer.

Best mirrors are the OEM trailer mirrors (google EMUK BMW E70).
These are just barely enough for an 8.5’ wide toy hauler. Set these to show where the trailer wheels are (covers the sides of the trailer but only about 15-18ft worth of trailer. I still need a wide angle at the back of the trailer to have full coverage.
Towing a boat is a little easier because of the angles of the bow. I couldn’t imagine trying to see around the front wall of an enclosed trailer. When we get to our destinations (full-time RV travel) I usually use the truck to travel to area lakes just because I’ve come close to putting the BMW rear exhaust/bumper in the water on shallow-angle ramps. The truck is so boring-it is truly just a tool to get the job done (but it does have A/C seats).
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