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Originally Posted by bfeng View Post
Long story. A friend sells me his decked out race car trailer. Claims it weight 3000lbs (per the mfg website). I didn't have a tongue scale yet, so I just guessed at it when I put a 3100lb car into it for a trip. A month later I was coming back from delivering a car for a friend and I stopped by a CAT scale. That's when I found out the trailer was about 5400lbs empty. I figure with all my gear and the car it was 9000lbs. Turns out all the cabinetry, the 5kw generator, the extra lights, winch, extra height interior, fridge, work table with a big arse vise, AC outlets, jack, Nitrogen bottle, monster fold out ramp extension, walk on roof with removable railing, carpeted walls, e-track everywhere, yada yada, added 2500lbs to the base trailer. I estimate my tongue weight was around 1000lbs. Yes, my car as air suspension in the back, so there was no way to tell I was over by the ride height. I did have a WD hitch on it, and when I was at the CAT scales, it showed the WD was transfering about 325lbs from the rear to the front.

It actually towed just fine, but note that I'm a pretty conservative when I'm towing. I never go over 80mph and do my best to maintain momentum rather than mash the gas and brake. I had no problems zipping up some decent hills (I-84 through CT) and braking was what I expected with a big trailer (4wheel electric brakes). Had I not gone to the CAT scale, I might not have ever known the rig was so heavy.

FWIW, I got better mileage with that monster trailer (+2mpg) than I do now with my new bare-bones trailer (which really does weigh 3000lbs before loading the car). The new trailer is the same model from the same company (ATC, Quest) but is 6" shorter (eg standard interior height) and a flat front whereas the heavy one was a really deep V-nose. Next trailer I get will be an ATC (wonderful quality) but with a V-nose again.

FWIW, my hitch wasn't damaged in anyway but towing that monster for a summer. My bumper cutout for my hitch has about 1/4" clearance and that spacing didn't change at all. I did go back and check the hitch mount nuts and they were all still tight.
Man, what a story! I missed this reply somehow! Vnose really does make a difference, and I'm impressed by all your enclosed trailer towing. I don't have a WDH/ anti sway hitch setup, just the normal one. I pulled 5500 lbs of my drift car+spares+trailer on sunday, and all went super well! I have a sherline tongue scale, so I put the tongue weight right at 550 lbs, and everything seemed pretty stable. Powerr was no issue, but I only got 20.5 mpg because I pulled it through a lot of local roads instead of highways. just worked out that way with where I needed to bring it. My 35d is deleted and tuned, so there's no problem pulling it forwards up any kind of hill, and the towns I was pulling through were VERY hilly.

Overall, super satisfied. I'm using a prodigy RF brake controller which was having some pulsing issues that were really annoying, and I believe it stems from the small amount of up-down slack in my channel mounted adjustable tongue on my trailer. I'm going to look into having it welded solid, as I don't need to adjust it. the play messes with the accelerometers that are sensing the tiniest change in orientation, and telling the trailer that I let up on the brakes when I haven't, making them pulse like slow anti-locks.
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