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If the holes are standard of hitch pin they make hitch pins that bind to prevent rattle could also work.

The trick is you need to bind the two sleeved parts, a through bolt doesn't work. Drill a couple 3/8" holes a couple feet apart from the top if the tongue is a pair of sliding box channel. Drill and tap the second layer of the inner box and install a couple 3/8 grade 8 bolts.

I would use 3/8 to get more threads into the metal.

3/8" bolt torqued to 45 ft·lb is about 7000# clamping force.

1/2" at 90 ft·lb is about 14400 # clamping force.

Another method is to drill all the way through both boxes, then drill a 1/2" hole through the bottom of the bottom box and use a sleeve around the bolt at the bottom to put the clamp force on the bottom of the inner box.
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