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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
I had same problem/ish and did the same and it worked for like six months and came back. I'm suspecting i now actually have a vacuum leak or bum MAF. I'll probably finally make/rent/buy a smoke tester and if no smoke, i'll swap MAF back from wife's car to see if there is a change.

I did notice in my case that six mo. ago when i originally did like above and swap MAF with wife, the fuel trims were more like +6, 1% (short/long) and now there are both showing like +5 +7, so the computer is definitely seeing too much air or too little fuel.

what are your fuel trims now showing? if the long term is close to zero i think you're golden. I think i just acquired a new vacuum leak not the same problem returning.
Short terms are variable. -3 +/- to -4 +/- Long term steady at +7
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