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Originally Posted by upallnight View Post
I can buy a complete use X5 for @1200, not just a headlight.

A fender and hood at the pick n pull yard is about $100.00
Bumper cover $45.00
A headlight is just $25.00

If you got lucky you could have found a X5 in the same silver as your old one, so for under $200.00 you could have got the X back on the road. What did your insurance or the shop insurance cut you for the X5. I would have bought it back and fix it myself.
Ima be a devils advocate on this one to say, not quite so. It will get expensive very fast and to save money you would need to have a good amount of spare time and patience.

Yes, you can get yard parts, but only to a certain degree.

- Bumper cover wont happen. 4.8is Bumpers are single unit (You cannot order just the OEM lower diffuser unlike 4.6is'...ebay replicas disregarded) $800+S/H core only (sprayer jets, fog covers = extra $)
- Hood is attainable, You would have to be SUPER lucky to get a TiSi 4.4i LCI with matching grills/trim and good paint. Otherwise $400 in plastics alone + parts + paint. (I have yet to come across an X5 with good hood plastics... and I do yards ALOT) Some may say transfer existing grills, but believe me. I just did mine and as slow as I took it, they came out in pieces.
- Headlight, technically doable price is probably regionally dependent, but almost guaranteed to need resurfacing. Still 10% of retail. Only issue is getting one. LCI X5's are HOT for picking.

This is all assuming the radiator support isn't tweaked in the slightest.

One option you could propose to your insurance if you really want to keep the car is used OEM parts for repair by the body shop, likely to drop new core costs.

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