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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
Amen. I've been putting parts together for a long time. Last piece of the puzzle is the Xover pipe. Can't decide between pulling the timing covers and doing an OEM style pipe (with updated seal) or doing one of the expandable type pipes. Pulling the covers adds 10x the work (including pulling the front axles from what I have read) but is the way I'm leaning... because why do things the easy way?

Good luck with yours. I'll be following. Until then I'll keep dumping the "secret sauce" into the crank case to stave away the 007 smokescreen on extended idle.

"because why do things the easy way? " - Ain't that the truth!

"secret sauce" - Oh lordie, share with a brother , I'm keeping an eye on the oil level but still (embarrassedly) driving the smoker... I did bump to 10w40 and tried Restore, seemed to work for a little while... maybe a year and then was back just like that!)

I feel like I try to be as preventative as I can for the most part, not throw money at it per say but when my water pump died I did the entire cooling system refresh and two new belts, or my bushings crapped and I found a little bit of play in 1 lower arm, I did the entire front suspension, etc..

(I did take a shortcut with my water pump job in repairing the xover pipe, I had no visible, or other, indication that I had any issue with the xover pipe so I just did a lot of sanding to keep the fit as tight as possible and did an aluminum stint pipe. Not sure good or bad idea, but so far no issues.)

Trying to plan for the future since I figure I'll recover my investment by keeping the truck and not having to do "that" job again for a long time. So when something does pop up on me I try to be as complete as I should be.

That said, while I have this apart, what do I just clean up and make sure is ok vs just replace or fix while I'm this close to it now??

Just found this list:
Throttle body O-ring p/n 13547510433 (x1)
Right upper timing case seal p/n 11147506424 (x1)
Left upper timing case seal p/n 11147506425 (x1)
Solenoid big O-ring p/n 11367513222 (x4)
Solenoid small O-ring p/n 11367546379 (x4)
Vacuum pump O-ring p/n 11667509080 (x1)
Valve cover seal right p/n 11127513194 (x1)
Valve cover seal left p/n 11127513195 (x1)
Repair kit valve stem seal p/n 11340029751 (x2)
Eccentric shaft sensor seal p/n 11127518420 (x2)
Camshaft positioning sensor O-ring p/n 12141748398 (x4)
Valvetronic O-ring p/n 07119903596 (x2)
Valvetronic spacer torx bolt p/n07129900465 (x2)

And any opinions on Corteco, Elring, OE or other stem seals and components?

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