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05 Transmission filler plug location HELP

Originally Posted by jayarc View Post
Alright guys I'm in a similar position as OP. I was having trouble trying to find the fill plug on my 04-06 with the GA6HP26Z transmission, XDrive etc...

I just finished up doing the mechatronic sleeve and the other rectangular sealing gasket that goes around the valve body, put the pan back on with new filter and saw this thread, started filling up the transmission through the larger pan hole that's recessed in, I found a channel to slip the tube in to and pumped ~2.5 L of lifeguard 6 in there and it started flowing back out. That can't be a complete fill. The only thing took off was the pan/valve body for mech sleeve service and put back together. I didn't track how much fluid came out unfortunately. I don't want to turn it on with low fluid, any suggestions on how to proceed.

I've heard folks talk about a "pressure pump" to do this. Let me know what you think thanks in advance for any ideas guys. Almost done with a 5 month project to keep my 4.8is alive.

Negative. Fill hole is on the side. Passenger side of tranny. Towards the back iirc.
You fill it till fluid runs out. Cap it. Start the car run thru the gears real quick while standing on the brake.
Back to park, monitor fluid temp and continue to fill.
Iirc to correctly read level temp must be between. 35-40c. Something like that.
Then once it's in that temp range and running, fill till fluid is leaking out the fill hole again. Then stop. Plug. Done.
If the fluid temp is outside that temperature range the level reading may be incorrect.

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