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Absolutely priceless! Thanks X5only!

Iím actually to the point where Iíve made peace with tearing her down and getting this job done.

I think in addition to all of the o-rings required (on your suggestion) I am going to check my intermediate levers also, when it was new (to me) I had some issues with rough idle on cold morning starting but strangely the last couple of years I havenít had the issue come back. dunno...

Iím actually the most bummed about having to do the valve covers (again), I just knocked those out about a year ago to stop an oil leak on the passenger side... but oh well, thatís how it goes.

But on the flip side Iím a little bit ďexcitedĒ to get the opportunity to do some spring cleaning and replace some of my older vacuum lines while Iím under the hood [emoji106]
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