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Originally Posted by Purplefade View Post
Canít tell you how to pull the pano but I do have an idea for gluing the fabric.

When my buddies a pillars started to wrinkle up and peel we used 3m spray adhesive. Sprayed a little in the a pillar directly and then on the fabric, let the two tac up for just a minute or two and then stuck them back together. Thatís been a few years ago now and even being baked by the sun they still look good. You can usually find it at most automotive stores, Autozone, Advanced Auto, etc.
I did this. It is terrible solution if you ever need to cut through that 3m glue.

To get the shades out.

Put pano into vent mode with shades all the way back.
Pull away accordion thing, remove screws holding glass to the tracks.
Remove rear glass same way. May have to wiggle it some past the rubber seal.
Shade removes from top. Make sure to note where each screw goes. They are 3 or 4 different kinds.
One side of the shade, I forget which, has a spring type of shit between the shade and shade track. It will pop out on you when you slide the shade out. Go slow, and check inside and outside for giant metal paperclip looking thing. Note orientation, and side they belong on. You need to put them back in.

Fairly straight forward job.
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