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Again definitely not. I’ve been there enough to know. I don’t even know how you have this conclusion that we all have a side fill hole. I was once a noob that saw the same guide. Definitely no fill hole on the side. I have two plugs on my pan. One is recessed into the pan , and that’s the fill hole. The drain is separate. I deff have steel pan as I broke those magnets inside and had to replace them. In the past 8 years I have not specifically heard anyone have a side fill hole on the 4.8is e53.

How about you consider this. I have a feeling you have the 2004 oddities that people constantly point out. 2004 was a transition year to the facelift, and lots of funky shit with your year. I also don’t have a problem sourcing parts for mine, and all the stuff I ordered from the site you linked, has been a direct replacement to what i have.

So let’s look at this link.

Read the contents of the kit. You see that huge ass o-ring. Yea. That’s the filler plug o-ring. For this giant plug that goes through the pan. You see how it’s called the filler plug sealing ring. Now do you see that the filter kit with gasket, but no pan. Yea that’s what every 4.8is is supposed to have. Other than strange ones made during facelift conversion years 03-04. The one you have is and integrated filter with pan.

Yours might look something like this.

Gonna go do me.

Also your transmission may not be original.
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