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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
Possible. I did not stick a meter on it to see if it switches from 0v to 12v when in reverse. If that's the case I would imagine you could just loop that wire to the pink "Reverse Trigger" wire and there would be no need to run a relay setup off the tail lights. Or maybe that would be redundant as the canbus signal would trigger the head unit to switch video input by itself with no need for the reverse trigger wire? I still like being able to use the PDC button to trigger the camera but I'm sure there is a manual way to do that on the head unit as well.
I know some of the other systems (Seicane) didn't need anything, the trigger to jump to the reverse camera screen just switched itself as Crowz found out on his installs. The CAN Bus adapter is the only thing that could know of a reverse event so it has to know reverse? Crowz may chime in but that's how I understood it. Even if Avin did not trigger off the CAN message, at least looping it to the trigger wire would be much easier.

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