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Hi and welcome to Xoutpost!

Post some pics!

As Andrew said, you'd know if you had an issue re the suspension.

My suggestion for this car is that you look into getting yourself a copy of a software program called ISTA. It allows you to reset, TEST and fault find most of the cars systems.

For me it saved a lot of money and allowed me to test my suspension as I found a new issue.....

ISTA can be bought online with a cable to allow connection to the port just under your steering column. Some versions work on a laptop with Win 7, mine is on win 8 and others on win 10. Older versions only work on win XP.

The other thing I would suggest is come on this forum for any faults and use the search button a LOT. Almost every issue ever known to E53's has been either experienced or is known about by someone here.

Do you mind me asking what price range you paid? I'm on the hunt for a blue one myself at the moment for a project and it's tough to find one under 100k mileage....

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