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I bought mine 3 yrs ago, it had 94k miles, dealer maintained with records, and was in pristine shape. It is a 2003 with the 5 speed manual.

These cars make a really good value proposition for someone who can actually work on them. I paid 6300. See what kind of 4runner or 4-door Taco you can buy for 6300. You're gonna be looking at a 96-99 with over 200k miles. I tow a camper with mine and it's a better tow vehicle than the 2000 Tahoe I was using before (and way nicer, better on gas, and actually fun to drive).

3 years later, I think this was one of my best car decisions ever. It hasn't really had that many problems, and preventative maintenance has given me an excuse to spend time in the garage, but on my own terms.

I'd like to keep mine for 5 more years, but mostly because there are basically no tow vehicles that I would rather drive. I'd rather buy an RV than tow my camper with a boring autotragic soccer mom SUV. At least then I wouldn't have to drive an appliance every day.
2003 3.0 5-speed
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