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Originally Posted by bmw540san View Post
Almost 20K miles on my setup and couldn't be happier.
Hi mate

I read your thread but can't see any pics these days... do you still have them?

Also, how is your suspension riding? I see you used sachs springs instead of H+R's? Would you call it a firmer ride?

RE which springs I'm gonna use, I've read hundreds of posts on various forums about Bilsteins/H+R's and BC racing.

Both seem to result in firmer setups than original and a 'bouncy' rear end...

The H+R springs distributors are unhelpful motherf&&s. I know they must get every tool on the phone but gee, I'm over 50 and not some boy racer.... didn't even want to know about it...

Had a chat at length this morning with the Australian distributor for the BC's about spring rates. Completely different outcome....

They supply 9 kilo front springs and 12 kilo rears with the coilovers. They've stated that they can take out the rears and change them to 9 or 10 kilo springs and give it a try to start with, then I can play around with other combo's (buying heavier or lighter springs only as required) if I want to...

I think I need to find out roughly the spring rates of the 4.8is to begin with...
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