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Originally Posted by Purplefade View Post
From everything I have read, heard and seen to date, rope is the way to go for sure.

That said, no, with the piston at TDC there is not enough “drop” to actually lose the valve, but you will play heck getting around and under everything to retrieve it.

Rope [emoji106][emoji106]

Oh, and I believe it’s cylinder 2 that has to be just beyond TDC, so there is a bit more pucker factor there.

I will be starting this very job next week.. and I will be going with rope.
That is true. See post 103 by JPcallan.

In fact I hear experienced mechanics change the seals that way - no air or cord. I think for the average DIY'er it would be tempting fate to attempt this project without any form of caution to prevent the valve stem from dropping, if accidentally the cylinder is beyond the point of easy valve retrieval, in which case you will curse the day you were born. Don't tempt fate. Many have accidentally dropped it. Do a search on the web and see how they struggled.
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