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@Crystalworks: you are good. Here is my complete story: about a year and a half + ago, my problem with p1092 started. I looked up in this forum for help and did the following repair:
a) cleaned with Techron - not resolved
b) replaced MAP - not resolved
c) clean/check DISA - not resolved
d) clean/check idle control valve - not resolved
e) new spark plugs - not resolved
f) replaced 2 front O2 - light went away for a while then came back
g) replaced 2 rear O2 - not resolved
h) found/replaced a broken rubber vacuum cap in the back of the engine - not resolved
i) smoke test and found vacuum leak. The bottom hose of the CCV was broken. Whole CCV valve and all hoses replaced. This also resolved a serious oil leak that I didn’t know the cause. SES P1092 went off for about 5k+ miles. I was happy but then it came back on and off (mostly on). No vacuum leak from here on
j) re-investigated the issue, found mihai’s suggestion so I paid for a fuel adaptation reset. The light went off for a long while then it came back AGAIN, on and off but mostly on.
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