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Originally Posted by oldskewel View Post
OP, that's the actual paint flaking off, right? Wow, that's extreme. How is the clear coat?

I live just over the hill from you in HMB, and the clear coat on my 2001 is starting to flake off in a few places, including the exact same spots on the front of the roof. Hood too. Underlying paint is fine, except of course dulling once the clear coat comes off.

I had this happen to my old Lexus too, and I'll say the first thing to consider is whether the problem is truly isolated to the currently affected areas. Or is it just a matter of time before these issues pop up everywhere.

Because you'd hate to get these areas fixed perfectly, and then next year find new spots popping up every month or so ... which is how it seems to be going on my X5 and Lexus. (both are parked outside 24/7 in the sunny climate here)

I am afraid it's all over and it's a matter of time indeed. It's the original paint, and no clear coat fading.

We will be traveling for a couple months this summer and I will leave the truck at the body shop. I will probably just have them do the hood and the front of the roof for now, and the hidden door sections. Then I'll hope it last for another couple years or so...
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