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Originally Posted by Attacking Mid View Post
I have clearcoat peeling on my hood, but I think it's isolated to that. Blue paint is particularly vulnerable, though I can't remember exactly why. It had to do with the changes mandated to make paint less toxic.

I'm wrestling with whether to attempt to repair the CC using a spraycan 2K clear or just bite the bullet and sand/repaint the whole hood. I have to do some painting on my wife's X3, so I'm tempted to just go ahead and order the paint to do my hood. If so, the rear bumper cover could stand to be re-done also.

My 2001 with various patches of flaking clearcoat, is something like Topazsblau metallic (blue metallic). My peeling clearcoat was initially isolated to the hood, but then spread to the front roof, rear roof, and even the rear spoiler.

I had the rear spoiler off a few months ago to repair the LED 3rd brake light bar, and while I had it off, I sprayed it with black plastidip. Figured I had nothing to lose, and was showing off my painting skillz to my brother in law. Holding up just fine. Hard to see the top surface of the spoiler anyway, but new black plastidip looks a lot better than flaking clearcoat. Not so sure that will be true for the hood and roof, so I'm holding off on those for now.
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