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So: how to calibrate your right side fuel sender if it's not reporting 1.4 1L.

First get an ohm reading when you are confident you are at flood stage (left tank below 28L right staying the same).

The two terminals closest to the door jamb are the sender terminals.

When at flood stage you should see a value close to 37-39 Ω. If you get that reading but the test six right isn't showing 1.4ish the problem is elsewhere.

Mine was reading 22 Ω. Far far too low. The lowest reading on my sender was about 18 Ω and that registers 0.0L on the computer.

I took my fuel sender out and propped it into a vice;

Do it only exactly this way. It's the only place that holds it firmly and are and level.

Then I measured the distance from the floor to the bottom of the guide post:

It was almost exactly 118cm.

Then I measured the height from the floor to the center of the float when the sender reported the same Ω as reading in the car, it was almost exactly 2cm lower, VERY handy.

Then a few rounds of trial and error to get the Ω value of needed with the 2cm offset and about 1.5L at flood stage. (Bend the float arm a bit: more straight to get a higher Ω more bent to get a lower Ω. )

That was my bench reading. I think it ended up being closer to 39 Ω in the car but I'm very happy seeing 1.5L when driving now vs. 0.2L !

This is the fuel pump fuse. Very helpful for testing with test six before hooking everything back up!

I probably took the pump out and in about a dozen times today so I'm quite proficient at it now.

A couple tips:

don't try to feed the float in first when installing, hold it up vertically and let it fall down after it's in! Huge difference!

The seal MUST be on the TANK not the pump! It typically comes out with the pump but must be transferred back before reassembling.

Here's my biggest aha moment of the day: HOOK the float with a long piece or wire bent into a "J" at the bottom and lift it vertically for removal also! Wow did that make It go smoothly! It will catch on the edge just push it away from the edge with your finger.

Stall out the engine with the fuel fuse out to depressurize the fuel line. Then when removing the line, wrap with a paper towel about 10cc of fuel will be absorbed into the paper.

Safety dispose of fuel soaked paper with a lighter in a safe location (metal bin outside works well). If not windy the middle of a driveway also works well

I used my homemade bar for removing the big fuel tank "nut". I think photos are already in this thread.

That's the update for the right side sender. Left side sender resistor repair coming up.
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