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The 4.8 and 4.6 is’ will reach collector status. Especially so with the 4.8is as this was the model that BMW struggled with on whether or not it would get an S stamped engine and an M badge. There is no grey area about it, the 4.8is was super close in every conceivable way to an M. But as most know, there was no M offered for the e53 because the new X5 was coming out eight months later.

Factor in how many die that are not fixed, those with salvage titles, those wrecked outright and how many are for sale at any given time and you get a feel for availability. Production numbers were not that high and the 2006 model year got the absolute best parts and iterations. The problem OP will face is a restricted pool of buyers because the truck is modded. The BMW people are full of purists and want to buy their cars unmollested. I think OP’s car is f’ing sweet but all that extra stuff will take a very specific buyer. I wish it were for sale two weeks ago ;-). I just picked up an Imola red one...and want all the Dinan parts.
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