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I had some problems with a couple of segments in my LED 3rd brake light bar in my 2001 3.0i. I fixed that by reflowing the solder on the LEDs. The individual lights are in 6 segments of 4 LEDs each.

The light bar assembly is powered with 12V at the Blue + Brown wires. So with the light bar removed / disconnected, stepping on the brake, you should be getting 12V at those wires. If not, the problem is upstream of that point.

The bar is wired internally so each of the 6 4-LED segments gets its own 12V, which then drops across all 4 LEDs in series. So if you have any single LED or solder joint failure, you are likely to lose the whole 4-LED segment, or 1/6th of the light bar. Minor failures like that did not cause codes for me.
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