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Only a little odd. Old shit does funny things. Think of it like this: it was 99.5% broken and just needed one little tap to break whatever broke.

G-forces are a funny thing. Installed in the car MAF probably will never experience more than 10g. Setting on a work bench could possibly be 50-100. Drop it a foot, could be 500.

Think of it like this: any motion is stopped nearly instantly when setting something on a surface: the distance taken to decelerate is what causes the g force and if you drop from even 1cm, when it hits the table it's deceleration zone is only how much the part and table compress. Could be 1/2 a mm or less. The math gets large fast.

I had a phone fall face first about 2 feet to cement once, the case prevented the glass from touching but it landed perfectly flat so the stop was similarly less than 1/2 mm; the entire glass screen shattered, likely experienced 1000-1500g force. The biggest piece was less than a square cm.

The good news is your experiment proved the MAF system was really doing its job! If it could convince the brain to alter the gas mix to actually stall the car that's a wide range of control.
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