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First time start after headgasket not so good.

Funny on the wiper fluid. I had that light come on a day or two ago while driving and had the similar moment of anxiety "what now"

The MAF was binary you just were closer than realized to "zero" than "one". Once the threshold was reached it went to "zero".

The thing is there is no one nor zero in our binary circuits. Example on a 5 volt system usually there will be a threshold for "one" and another for "zero" for example, above 3 volts is "one" and below 2 volts is "zero". That way when there is noise on the line, it can be ignored. When the voltage is in the middle nothing changes it will stay at the last state until it clearly is close enough to the high or low value then it will "flip" to the other state.

Things often work "until they don't" where you get something with no moving parts like the MAF that just instantly stops working. It was good to work through the diagnosis on the forum I have no doubt future shade tree mechanics will find this thread and be very happy you paved the way
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