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Last fuel on US soil and shout-outs

Here she is at the pump for a last fill-up on American soil, my bicycle, wife's golf set and some other assorted items and supplies going along. Tomorrow I deliver it to Newark for containerization and shipping to Rotterdam. In the end I wound up replacing the inner bushings on the rear lower control arms. Together with the ball-joints and the upper forward arms this made an incredible difference. Suspension-wise it feels like a new car! My wife, who is no tech wizard, immediately commented on the improved ride once we hit the pothole riddled Dulles Airport access road when I picked her up last Tuesday.

I still need to do the map update with a European map and hopefully I can set the radio to the European FM frequency system. Anyone who has experience with either please pitch in?!

Couple of shout outs. Bob Linville of GlobusT Shipping was his usual courteous self and put up with all my delays and route changes. This is my second time with Bob going to R'dam. Glad to provide his phone nr and email on request.

The folks at S2 Dynamics in Rockville did the suspension alignment. Patrick and his team are used to setting up track cars and had no issue with my request for specific settings to be targeted. Their manner is courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend them to anyone in the greater DC area who needs an alignment for their E70!!

Again thanks to those who helped with comments while I prepped the car, in particular those who helped with the coding!
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Hmmmm, love those black headliners!

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