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Unhappy VANOS Solenoids N62 Engine - Issues

Hi there.

I am new to Xoutpost, but not new to X5s. I currently own a 2005 4.4i which I've had for a while now, almost 3 years. Just yesterday it started behaving oddly. After starting it, it went fine for a few minutes and then started to hiccup and the engine light began to flash (10 flashes then a gap, then repeated). I went home immediately but when I got there all the issues stopped seemingly.

However, in fact it had lost low end power and there was a distinct "lag" when the accelerator depressed before popping into real life. Using PASoft, I found 2 codes that worried me

2A83 Intake VANOS and 2A84 Intake VANOS. Looking these up it seems that this refers to each bank and the intake VANOS solenoid/system. The fact that there's lag suggests a faulty or clogged solenoid.

Odd that this happened simultaneously on both banks and that the exhaust ones are not throwing any errors...

Happy to remove and clean (replacing o rings) first and then if necessary replace, but the fact both intake solenoids threw the same error at the same time makes me wonder...

Any thoughts or insights?

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