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I'm still getting notifications asking me to take my 2001 in. It still seems to me that since I have a non-sport steering wheel, I don't have this problem. And even if I did have a sport steering wheel, if its airbag had never been replaced, it would not have this problem. I believe this to be true based on reading the letters BMW has been sending me over the past few years.

I know I could be mis-reading between the lines.

But I can't get anyone to admit that. They just want me to bring the car in. Easy for them, not so easy for me. I can understand also that telling people they are unaffected if they have a non-sport wheel may be dangerous, since surely some people won't know what that means. So I understand why they're doing this, but I still don't want to waste the effort.

Is there anyone out there with a non-sport (4 spokes vs. 3) steering wheel that has actually had an airbag replaced under this recall?

And "replaced" means they took the old one out and put a new one in. Just because you took the car in and the service sales guy tells you they "did the recall work" is not convincing to me - they might mean they inspected, noticed the non-sport steering wheel, checked you off the list and want you to feel better about wasting a few hours on a needless exercise.
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