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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
Alignment done by the rim. Tires not involved. (Unless using road force alignment).
ok thanks hmm indeed now that I think of it at the alignment place I saw the 'claws' attached to the rims of the cars being aligned,there is that damn wobble at 65mph and over say 0.5-1cm up as you hold steering at quarter to 3 and let go,it is getting on my nerves, as just feel it is a reason for my fronts getting worn, ALLLL input has been great but don't know where to start, rotors? balancing again (eventhough just had all 4 tires changed and persists) or as you said some other worn there is play in the steering wheel to probably the same extent when the car is off and parked. Thus far has not been possible to tighten.
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