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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
That poster was me. You wrap a string tight around wheels front to back at the center top to bottom then put a 1/16" spacer under the string at the front side of the tire at the fattest point. Usually it will only stay on it's own at the front wheel. The idea is the front of each tire is 1/16" closer to the car's centerline and then string helps you confirm. You push the string out with the spacer and the back of the front wheel should just barely touch the string. At the back wheel only the back should touch and at the front there should be a 1/16" gap.

You have to steer the string around any tall raised letters on the tire etc. Also the trig was worked out with 23-24" across the high spot of the sidewall. Even much larger than normal tires would only slightly change the math.

The tires are supposed to be toe In about 0.15. 1/16 over 24" is almost spot on perfect.
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