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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
Uneven wear is almost always too much or too little toe. (Or driving habits/tire inflation issues). The jiggle is very likely crown related does it go away on curves?

If you can't feel the wobble look into the flex joint in the steering shaft and also the slip joint that allows the wheel to move in and out.
Yes andrewwynn does go away on the soft curves on highway I tried but I try not to hit curves at 60mph and over (would be bit risky ding now hands or your 2 fingered approach on harsher bends ) and nope don't feel wobble

Now the flex joint you mention if its the one that has a U type end? then the garage years ago tried to tighten it but couldn't anymore, I went to them as there was slight play in the steering when car was off...that can't be right and could be the issue I guess.

Again thanks for all your time and input on this one....
PS just got my head round this, that if the steering is lose so to speak the wobbling of tires from side to side is not transmitted to the steering wheel the extent I would feel it had the steering been tight, correct?
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